The Efficacy of a Aoodle Omelette With Butter from Blueband


What is your breakfast egg menu this morning? omelette, scrambled or beef eggs? Eggs are an easy material to obtain and relatively cheap price. In addition, many vitamins and minerals contained in an egg.

Therefore, eggs are recommended to serve as breakfast menu. If processing other foods need time and hassle, then the eggs are more easily processed. Therefore do not miss breakfast bermenu eggs, because of the great benefits of eggs as recommended blueband this.

Egg Noodles Is 

Who does not like noodles? Egg noodles are the most commonly used noodles to make a wide variety of dishes. Egg noodle is a type of food made from a mixture of eggs and wheat flour. Egg noodles usually have a curly shape and have a soft texture after being boiled. Egg noodles can be made to be more healthy and some can be purchased instantly. Usually often used egg noodles are instant noodles eggs because it does not need to bother to make it and to cook it is quite easy just by boiling and you can cook egg noodles as you wish. Olaha the easiest egg noodles are fried noodles or boiled noodles. Just add the basic spices like garlic, salt, soy sauce, and pepper then fried noodles or boiled noodles ready to eat.


Egg noodles actually contain vitamin B1, vitamin A, calcium, iron, protein, and energy. Egg noodle is quite good for health because it can be used as a substitute for rice. Carbohydrate content in it is enough to replace energy if not consumed excessively. However, it is better not to consume excessive egg noodles because the nutrients you get will not be as much as eating rice.

Egg noodle has a tasteless taste but if processed into various kinds of processed foods such as fried noodles then the taste will be tasty and sweet. You can also cultivate noodles into i noodles by frying and watering with thick cay cap sauce.

How to Process

You would be annoyed if the egg noodle you have a bad smell. The unpleasant odor can happen because you keep the egg noodle in the wrong place and temperature. Here are some ways to have your egg noodles stink:

If all you have is a wet egg noodle, then it should be stored in a closed container and airtight and then store it in the refrigerator or freezer. This can keep your egg noodles steady and not mushroom fast;

When going to use egg noodles, remove from the freezer and let stand for approximately 2 hours so that the egg noodles are not broken;

Then, if you have instant or dried egg noodles, how to store them is easy. Simply place it in an airtight place and at room temperature;

Making fried noodles or i fu noodles, you can use boiled egg noodles first then processed as you wish. For noodles, egg noodles usually have been boiled fried to dry and doused with sauce cap cay.